Healthy School Lunch Ideas


With school back in session parents are once again going to have to pack their child lunch. There are some healthy recipes for school lunch to make sure that the child is eating well and is getting the vitamins that they need.
Veggie and Hummus Sandwich
2 slices of whole grain bread
3 tbs. hummus
¼ avocado, mashed up
½ cup lettuce
¼ bell pepper ,sliced
¼ cup shredded carrot.
Spread the hummus onto the bread. Layer the rest on top. Wrap the sandwich up and put it in the lunchbox. It is both filing and healthy.

Whole Wheat Wrap
This wrap gives a new take on a sandwich and is a healthy choice for a school lunch. To make this lunch the following is needed:
1 whole wheat tortilla
2tbs mashed avocado
2tbs low fat mayonnaise
1 cup of fresh sliced vegetables
2. tbs. shredded cheddar cheese
To make this lunch spread the avocado and the mayonnaise on the wrap. Top with vegetables and cheese. Roll the wrap closed and slice in half.
These healthy school lunches will make sure the child is full and able to focus on their studies.